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Your Personal Data Is Very Valuable.

Low Tor Quick Lube has partnered with Ownli to help you manage your data and harness its earning potential.


Getting Started

  • Download the Ownli App

  • Enter the code 'lowtor'

  • Sync service to start earning

  • Adding data to earn more

Low Tor + Ownli

At Low Tor, your privacy and personal data are top of mind.


By partnering with Ownli, you can sync your recent service to start controlling your data and earning from it.

Service Check In Lowtor.png

Your Service

Keeping your car service records can boost resale value, aid with warranty and insurance claims, and stay on track with car care.

Full Control,
Full Security

You're in control. That means no spam or tracking. 

Control what data you add.

Control what data you sell.

Control who buys your data.

The Ownli Marketplace

Sell data points to businesses that want to work directly with you on the Ownli Marketplace. Here, currently unlocked data points can make money for you on a one-time or recurring basis. 


Earn recurring mileage rewards and low mileage bonuses and get personalize offers for your vehicle from mechanics, tire shops, and more.


Earn a home check-in reward, have certified photos of your home condition, and get personalized offers from insurers, landscapers, roofers, and more.


Earn a policy check-in reward, store all of your policy info in one place,  and discover if you’re overspending on your insurance.


Earn by providing additional details about yourself, provide feedback and your opinions on topics, and unlock other earning opportunities. 

In Their Own Words

Heather M.

Using Ownli is so easy and fun! With 18 check-ins under my belt, it's become a part of my monthly routine that I look forward to.

Gary S.

Ownli provides a cool, innovative way to collect data, while helping people earn money from their data.

George M.

It's so easy to earn with Ownli that it seemed too good to be true. All I need is take two quick photos and that's it!

Getting Started

  • Download the Ownli App

  • Enter the code 'LowTor'

  • Sync service to start earning

  • Add data to earn more

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