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Your data is valuable. Earn from it with Ownli.

Capture, control, and sell your data to businesses that want to work directly with you.

The Ownli App.
Established and future data points.

Make Your Data Work For You

Right now, personal data like yours is being bought and sold to the tune of billions of dollars each year.


Did you get any of that? Yea, us neither.


That's why we created Ownli. 

Here's your chance to own your data, earn from it, and directly engage with companies that want to buy your data from you. 

It's all about trust and transparency as we're bringing fair trade to your data. 

Certifying Is Easy-Peasy

Have a minute? That's all it takes to

complete a Data Check-In.

Here's how it works for your Mileage Check-In:

Mileage is only one of the many data points that you can capture and sell with Ownli.


We've selected date points around Insurance, Vehicle Service & Condition, and Property that earn you whole dollars, not cents or reward points. 

Work directly with businesses that want to work with you like BlackBoxMyCar, Kentucky National, Low Tor Quicklube, and many more.

Earn more than reward points.
Sell your data for real money. 

You're In Control

With Ownli, you decide what data you want to share and your privacy is of top importance.


This means no hardwareno tracking, and no spam lists.

Our mission has and always will be to empower you to own your data, understand its value, and earn from it. Ultimately, we believe that the ownership of your data belongs to you, and that you should be able to earn from it in an honest and transparent way.

Elan Nyer, Co-Founder & CEO

Elan Nyer, CEO of Ownli.

What you need to know

How can I sell my data?

Sell your data by completing “check-ins” in the Ownli app. During a check-in, you’ll submit or link your data and have control to  select which businesses you want to sell it to.

What types of data can I sell?

Currently, we provide opportunities to sell your recurring vehicle mileage data, home data, insurance policy data and additional information captured from surveys.

It doesn't end there - 
we’re continually working to add additional data points, surveys, and integrations  for you to earn from!

How do I earn?

You can earn money by selling your information to companies who are interested in you and want to engage directly with you through the Ownli platform.

What kind of rewards can I earn?

You'll earn Amazon vouchers every time you complete a data check-in.  You can cash out whenever you want or let the rewards accumulate.


Rewards may vary depending on your buyer, region, and rewards structure.


How much does it cost?

Ownli is free. You can only earn money by participating.

Who is buying my data?

For each data point, you'll select the buyer(s) and know what you're selling.


Check out the marketplace page in the app to learn about the businesses that want to buy your data directly from you.

Download Now!

We don't share or sell your information. You do!

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