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Your data is a valuable asset.
Earn from it

Capture, certify, and sell

your data to businesses that

want to work directly with you.

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Your first data point: Vehicle Mileage

Mileage is important to lots of businesses like auto insurance companies, services (mechanics, tire shops, etc), and more because it lets them better understand how you use your vehicle and cater their services to your actual needs. 

Mileage Data

Check-in once a month by snapping a few photos. Our AI certifies your data, which makes it valuable to buyers, and you sell it. Easy-peasy!

Earn more than reward points.
Sell your data for real money. 

Privacy First

With Ownli, you decide what data you want to share. This means no hardware and no tracking.

What you need to know

Why Mileage?

We started with mileage because capturing accurate mileage data on a recurring basis is extremely difficult without tracking and we believe you should be rewarded for sharing it. 

Can I sell any other data points?

Yes! Home self-inspections and many other valuable data points are on the way.

How do I earn?

You can earn money from your data by selling it to companies who are interested in purchasing your data and engaging directly with you through the Ownli platform.

What kind of rewards can I earn?

You'll earn Amazon vouchers every time you complete a data check-in.  You can cash out whenever you want or let the rewards accumulate.

Rewards may vary depending on your buyer, region, and rewards structure.

How much does it cost?

Ownli is free. You can only earn money for participating.

Who is buying my data?

For each data point, you'll select the buyer(s) and know what you're selling. 

We don't share or sell your information. You do!

Our mission has and always will be to empower you to own your data, understand its value, and earn from it. Ultimately, we believe that the ownership of your data belongs to you, and that you should be able to earn from it in an honest and transparent way.

Elan Nyer, Co-Founder & CEO

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Download and start

earning from your data.

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