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your data, your asset


Join Ownli to earn up to $80/year from your data and save big on auto insurance and more.

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An Untapped Resource

Your data is more than what you do. It's who you are.

Although it's yours, the status quo doesn't allow you to benefit from it

Own your data

Ownli puts you in full control of your data, helping you capture and sell it to businesses that you want to work with directly.

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maximize it's Potential

Your data works for you on your terms to earn money and get personalized offers on things you need like auto insurance and more.

Level up with a growing community

Join thousands of others who have realized the financial benefits of their data.

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You're in good Company

Hear what our users have to say about Ownli.

“Pretty cool. Earn rewards while still protecting your privacy. Very simple and quick to do.  I recommend signing up for Ownli.”

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“I haven’t found a program like Ownli. Simply share the data you want, and you directly get the fruits of your labor.”

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“Ownli is such a surprise at a time when every little bit counts. I love earning from my data. The app is very simple & intuitive.”

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experience the ease with ownli

Our intuitive app makes capturing, certifying, and selling your data a breeze.

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thousands of users

over 500K data points

Over $100k earned

Make your data work for you

Control your data and earn from it with Ownli.

we're reimagining personal data 


BlackboxMyCar invites you to join Ownli to earn from your data and get personalized offers.

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