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Obtain meaningful customer data by, get this... just asking.

Ownli is a personal-data marketplace that allows you to attract, retain, and engage directly with potential and existing customers.

The Ownli App.
Ownli Data Check-In Types.

Personal Connections.

In-Depth Insights.

The Ownli platform creates a fair and transparent relationship around personal data making customers want to share more information with you.

Captured and Certified

Personal Data.

Customers complete data check-ins to

capture and certify hard-to-obtain data points.

With mileage, the process is as simple

as taking a few photos. 

Positive Recurring Engagement

Simply put, Ownli allows you to engage directly with new or existing customers through direct data purchasing which allows you to earn trust through transparency along the way. 

Calendar Rewards Icon.
Ownli Drive Less Earn More Icon.

Drive Less. Earn More.™

An out-of-the box pay-per-mile solution that doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg.


Our user-generated pay-per-mile solution is regulatory approved and allows insurers to maintain rate adequacy on the state level while providing the ability for micro relief on the individual level.


88% of users are more likely to switch insurance providers to earn more


65% of users exhibited a reduction in mileage since joining the program


60% of users are more inclined to buy directly from a company that purchases data directly from them

Ownli's suite of offerings.

All-In-One Solution

Ownli takes care of everything - Data capture, AI-powered fraud detection, customer support, individual user payouts, marketplace, and performance visibility via the secure backend dashboard.

Easy Setup

Setup is quick and easy as Ownli can provide all of the value without the need to integrate with your backend software.  Of course, we can also fully integrate when you're ready, but there’s no need for that to start.  

Ownli All In One Solution Icon.

The relationship between businesses and individuals is fragmented because no one owns their data. We’re on a mission to make that relationship more equitable and believe that trust and transparency is the only way to do that.

Elan Nyer, Co-Founder & CEO

Elan Nyer, CEO of Ownli.

We're Just Getting Started

Current and future data points.

The Ownli data roadmap began with vehicle mileage. Since then, we've unlocked Home Check-Ins, Insurance Policy Check-Ins, and Surveys.


In the very near future, we'll unlock additional valuable data points.

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