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Certified Alt Data Directly From Policyholders.

Reduce premium leakage and increase retention with Ownli

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How Ownli Works

Purchase self-reported data w/ explicit end-user consent

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Alt Data

A wide range of self-reported & certified data points 

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Meet Ownli

How Ownli Works

Alt Data Capturing

Ownli gives insurers access to unique alt data that only exists with the active participation and consent of policyholders and potential customers.


Policyholders regularly participate in privacy-respecting data check-ins, fostering positive engagement and boosting retention.

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End User Screens: Vehicle Mileage Check-In

Explicit End-User Consent

With Ownli, policyholders and potential customers have complete control over whom they do and don’t share their data with.


End User Screen: The Ownli Marketplace

Recurring Positive Engagement

Engaging with policyholders and potential customers directly and rewarding them for their alt data creates an unrivaled personalized experience that makes them feel value. 

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End User Screen: Rewards Wallet

The Power of Direct Data Purchasing

Putting policyholders in control of the data they share and rewarding them for it creates a uniquely impactful experience:


  • 74% are more likely to renew their policy with their insurer

  • 81% would share more certified data with their insurer

  • 88% would switch their insurance to participate

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Access Alt Data with Ownli

From personal data to monthly mileage, there's a variety of verified attributes to purchase from your policyholders and prospects through Ownli's self-reporting platform.

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Monthly Mileage, Vehicle Condition, Garaging Location, Etc.


Home Self-Inspections (Exterior & Interior), Fireplace, Etc.


Certified DECs, Competitive Intelligence, Etc.


KYC Forms, Life-Event Updates, Etc.

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Reducing Premium Leakage

Data such as monthly mileage, where the vehicle is kept, and its condition can significantly affect premium leakage.


However, getting this data depended on technologies that left most policyholders concerned about privacy and transparency.

Ownli provides an alternative that allows you to put your policyholder in full control over what data they share.

A Win/Win With Certified Data

Provide the personalized experience your customers expect while also serving your business needs.

Improve Retention

74% are more likely to renew their policy. 

Reduce Premium Leakage

81% would share more certified data.

Increase Growth

88% would switch their insurance.

Partnering with Ownli has enabled us to capture much needed check-ins directly from our customers in a cost effective way that is mutually beneficial.

The team at Ownli has acted like an extension of our team by providing an end-to-end service that positively impacts the experience of our customers while gaining us access to data that aids our business goals.

Insurance Partner

Helping You
Help Them

Ownli is your partner in enhancing customer experiences and unlocking essential data.

Tailored To Your Needs

An adaptive end-to-end platform designed from the ground up for optimal learnings with minimal effort.

Ownli App

An intuitive app experience that puts your business front and center and makes user-generated data capture a breeze.

APIs & Plugins

Seamlessly integrate Ownli into your existing app to capture data from your customers and create recurring and meaningful experiences.

Easy Integration

The Ownli Platform handles everything from fraud detection to rewards delivery and customer support and provides numerous options for data ingestion.


Fully customizable and automated multi-channel campaigns help you send the right message to the right person at the right time and capture data.

In Their Own Words

Heather M.

Using Ownli is so easy and fun! With 18 check-ins under my belt, it's become a part of my monthly routine that I look forward to.

Gary S.

Ownli provides a cool, innovative way to collect data, while helping people earn money from their data.

George M.

It's so easy to earn with Ownli that it seemed too good to be true. All I need is take two quick photos and that's it!

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How Ownli Works

Purchase self-reported date w/ explicit end-user consent

Alt Data

A wide range of self-reported & certified data points 

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Premium Savings 

Explore our Premium Leakage Savings Calculator

Get In Touch 

Explore our ROI model & view product demos 

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