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data done Right


A privacy-first way to build policyholder trust & improve loss ratio

How Ownli Works
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data misalignment

Insurers need data for risk assessment but some data is inaccurate or unavailable.

Policyholders are
hesitant to share their data due to concerns about privacy and tracking.

The Data Misalignment

prioritizing privacy

With Ownli, Insurers help Policyholders participate in privacy-first data sharing. 

In return, Insurers get critical certified data. Win/Win.

Ownli brings alignment
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How Ownli Works

It's simple - Get certified and accurate data from Policyholders w/ explicit consent.

Policyholders Capture Data
Ownli Certifies The Data
Data Delivered To You

In full control

Policyholders complete data check-ins where they capture the data point you're interested in. Once submitted and certified, they earn rewards. Easy peasy.

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End User Screens: Vehicle Mileage Check-In

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A growing list of certified attributes available from Policyholders.

Profile Data
Vehicle Data
Garaging Data
Policy Data
Condition Data
Property Data
Dash Cam Data
Vehicle Service Data
Proof of Address
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Easy integration

Getting started with Ownli is straightforward with many integration options like our APIs, SDKs, and user-friendly app.

Ownli API
Ownli SDK
Ownli App

good for you, good for them

Empowering Policyholders to control and directly benefit from their data creates a powerful experience.

Likelihood to renew
Share more data
Likely to switch
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underwriting advantage

Reduce premium leakage with Ownli Certified Data.

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