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Take the next step with your new home policy and complete a Home Check-In to earn up to $20. 

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To begin, download the app and enter referral code Kynat.

Home Sweet
Home Check-In

Congrats on your new Kentucky National home policy!

What's a Home Check-In?

After writing a new policy, it’s standard for insurers to have photos of the home on file should anything happen to it in the future. 

Kentucky National wanted to give you the opportunity to take these photos yourself and earn up to $20.

Is this a Home Inspection?

This is not a home inspection. 

A Home Check-In is something you can do yourself by taking a few photos of the exterior and interior of your home taken with the camera on your phone and submit them through Ownli.


What is Ownli?

Ownli helps you capture and control your personal data so that you can sell it directly to businesses.

What do we mean by control?

You control what data you add, what data you sell, and who can buy your data.

All carrots, no sticks.

Since you're in control, that means ​you don't have to worry about your email being sold to spam lists or being tracked.


With Ownli, you earn real money for your personal data on your terms.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Download the Ownli App

Enter the referral code Kynat.  


Home Check-In.





Submit and Earn

Submit your home check-in through the Ownli app. Kentucky National will send you $10 once approved!

Download Ownli on Android.
Download Ownli on iOS.


Complete Your

Home Check-In

Follow the prompts and take a few

photos of your home. 



There's more inside.

After completing your exterior home check-in, you'll have the opportunity to earn up to $10 more by completing interior home check-ins.

Kitchen Check-In.

$4 - Kitchen

Living Room Check-In.

$4 - Living Room

Fireplace Check-In.

More to come!

$2 - Fireplace

  • Who has access to my home check-in?
    Your privacy is a top priority. That's why Kentucky National partnered with Ownli, a platform that allows you to capture specific information and choose who you want to share it with (In this case, Kentucky National). Your information is never bought or sold without your explicit input.
  • What if I run into any issues?
    Ownli is here to help you if you run into any issues. You can email them at with any questions and an Ownli customer support representative will be happy to assist you.
  • What happens after I complete my home check-in?
    Once your home check-in is completed, it will be virtually reviewed within one business day. When your check-in is certified you will receive a notification and you can claim your reward via the app. If there are any questions regarding your home check-in, then Kentucky National will contact you directly.
  • How do I redeem my payment?
    Simply click the ‘Claim’ button on the rewards screen in the Ownli app. You can choose your payout option which includes gift cards from leading brands like Amazon or you can claim a virtual Visa gift card.
  • Does Ownli cost anything?
    Nope! You can only earn from Ownli.
  • Are there other opportunities to earn rewards with Kentucky National?
    Yes! Kentucky National wants to know more about you as an individual in order to provide you with the best policy possible for your needs. You can share other elements of your home (furnace, HVAC, etc) for additional rewards.
  • Who is Kentucky National?
    Unlike most companies in the space, Kentucky National is your local Kentucky insurer. 100% of our teammates are located in and focused exclusively on Personal Lines Insurance in Kentucky and Tennessee. ‘From quote to claim,’ we are here to provide each of our agents and policyholders a distinct level of personal, quality service and know-how. In these days of hyper-automation and business consolidation, we provide value-added coverage and service literally right from our agents and policyholders' own backyard!
  • Who is Ownli?
    Ownli is a platform that empowers you to capture, certify, and sell your personal data with companies that want to engage with you directly.

Have more questions? Let us know.

Invited to participate but want to opt out? Click here. 

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Download Ownli on Android.
Download Ownli on iOS.


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