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The Importance of Owning Your Personal Data

Your personal data is a very valuable asset that you can make work for you. Learn about how you can use it to your benefit with Ownli.

Your Data Is Yours

It most likely doesn't come as a surprise to know that many companies collect and use your data as you go about your life.

Search for something on Amazon, like some photos or a post on social media, and accept cookies to view an article about celebrities (they're just like us!).

Have you ever thought about who owns that data? The answer may not be as clear as we hope.

Turns out, your data comes in a variety of forms, ranging from what you actively share to what is passively observed and it's all collected about you. If you want to learn more about the various types of data, then check out our article that digs into the different data parties.

This data can include your name, email address, location, browsing history, and more. Essentially anything pertaining to your digital footprint that gives granular details on behavior, thinking, or even temperament.

Why do they collect and use it? Because when it's all put together, your personal data has tremendous commercial value. Your data and the personal data of others are immensely important to business strategies, digital marketing, and advertising.

It's collected either directly from you via forms, surveys, purchase, and browsing behavior, but also purchased in aggregate by data brokers who are in the business of collecting, buying, and selling what's called third-party data.

You can learn more about why businesses want and need your personal data in our blog post here. And they spend a lot of money on data and digital profiles. For context, the Data Brokers Market is projected to reach $462 billion by 2031.

Ultimately, your personal data is yours to own, control, and make work for you.

But how can you do that?

Owning Your Data

You may be thinking, 'I own my data, right? It's mine after all'. We're right there with you.

Unfortunately, US law today provides no clear answer to the question of who owns personal data. There is no individual right to it.

That being said, what does owning your data mean?

It means that you have the right to control who has access to it and how it's used. But why should you care and what can you do?

Your personal data is, well, personal and can be used in ways that you might not be comfortable with. As noted above, it's also very valuable. Think of it as the only asset that you're freely trading away when you look at photos on social media, get better purchase recommendations, or read that article about the celebrity who is doing a juice cleanse.

When companies collect your data without your knowledge or consent, they can use it to create targeted ads, track your behavior online, and even sell your data to third parties.

Although buying your data from data brokers has been and continues to be the status quo, some companies want to do the right thing by individuals by buying data directly from the individual.

Now that you know you should own your data, how do you take control of it?

Make Your Data Work For You

Good news, you've already started. You're now more aware of the fact that the websites and apps that you use collect your data and that this data, in totality, gives them a complete picture of who you are.

This information is very valuable. You should have a say in not only who is able to buy it but also how they use it. You should also benefit from it.

So how do you use your data as the asset that it is to earn money, save money on big-budget items like insurance, and access special offers from companies that want to buy your data from you directly?

You can use Ownli.

Ownli is an app that helps you take control of your personal data and make it work for you.

With Ownli, you can upload, manage, and control your personal data. And by control, we mean control. You decide who can purchase your data and you'll know exactly how it'll be used.

Further, these companies want to purchase your data from you because data directly from the source (you) is more trustworthy and accurate and allows them to connect with you.

Think of it as fair trade for your data. This means that you can benefit from the value of your personal data while still maintaining control over it.

How does this all work?

If you want to own and control your data, then you need to capture and certify it. And that's exactly what Ownli helps you do.

We started by building experiences around things that you use every day that are big ticket items on your monthly budget, like your car, home, and insurance.

Let's take a look at your vehicle data. With Ownli, you complete a monthly mileage check-in by taking two photos of your car, one of the exterior and license plate and the other of the odometer. This captures valuable data about your car like the make and model, but more specifically your vehicle mileage.

Not only do you earn earn money for each monthly check-in, you also have the opportunity to earn low-mileage bonuses based on your driving that month.

By capturing your mileage data on a recurring basis, you're creating a valuable data set that you can then use to find better insurance based on your certified mileage and connect with other businesses that want to work with a certified vehicle owner.

With the Insurance Policy Check-In, you can upload your insurance information (for a reward) and speak to an Ownli Insurance expert to find you better coverage at a better price.

Surveys allow you to speak directly and transparently to companies that want to work with you personally by better understanding if their products would benefit your life. Each company that participates pays you directly for your input. Now that's a nice change of pace.

And that's just the start. We're always adding more data points and onboarding more companies that are interested in learning more about you.

Get Started With Ownli

Here at Ownli, we believe that you should be able to control and benefit from your data like the valuable asset it is.

We're currently building opportunities and experiences for you to work with companies that value you as an individual and want to purchase your data directly from you.

Want to get started and see for yourself? Great! Download the app below. Also, be sure to leave a review and reach out to us directly via the app. We genuinely want to hear about your experience.

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